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Blog » Water Management through OBA/RBF-Climate Mitigation Benefits-Bangladesh

Water Management through OBA/RBF-Climate Mitigation Benefits-Bangladesh

Created Feb 15 2017, 12:00 AM by Julian Sosa Valles
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Bangladesh: Solar Irrigation Pump Project


Project objective:

The objective of this project is to help augment the purchasing power of the poorest of the poor, while improving the management of water and energy resources. Specifically the project is supporting the provision of solar powered irrigation facilities to off-grid areas and thereby reduce dependency on fossil fuel.


RBF Features:

The project is applying an OBA scheme and GPOBA has supported the provision of solar irrigation technology through targeted subsidy grants . Infrastructure Development Company Limited (IDCOL) is providing financial support to solar irrigation projects based on a debt, equity and grant ratio of 30:20:50. As the uptake of solar pumps increases, the grant subsidies amount will be gradually reduced.

Climate mitigation features:

The replacement of diesel pump with solar pumping system leads to decrease of diesel consumption, which also reduces the sequent GHG emission. Currently, 1.34 million diesel pumps are being used, which consumes about 1 million tons diesel/year. In addition to the climate benefit, PV pumping systems allow low operating cost, unattended operation, low maintenance, easy installation, and long life. These advantages are especially important in remote rural areas which are yet to be grid connected. 


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