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Abdullah Alshankiti Hold a PhD in Soil Science from the Soil and Water Department, University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida, USA. He has extensive experience conducting agricultural research in developing countries and regional networking projects. Prior to joining ICBA in October 2012, Dr. Alshankiti worked for the ICARDA- Arabian Peninsula Regional Program as a farm soil and water management consultant. This followed more than twenty-five years in the National Agriculture and Water Research Center in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia with extensive experience as the Assistant Director General, Soil and Irrigation, following his initial appointment as a Research Assistant.
Adla Khalaf Adla Khalaf is a GIS and remote sensing specialist with fifteen years of expertise in satellite imagery processing, land and water resources management, crop mapping and modeling. She is currently part of the team on the MAWRED (Modeling and Monitoring Agriculture and Water Resources Development) project which is developing climate change downscaled scenarios and using this in modeling the impacts on water and agriculture. Prior to joining ICBA she undertook her PhD research at the University of Durham, UK working on estimating recharge distribution using remote sensing and modeling for the West Bank, Palestine. Before that she was ten years working in Palestine (1999-2007) finally as Head of Permanent Status Issues and Negotiations Support of the Palestinian Water Authority. During this decade she lead the development of a GIS for water data for the PWA, developed and maintained a Geographic Information System (GIS), performed survey work (terrestrial, aerial, spatial) to provide geographic data collection and produce maps of all scales to support government activities
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Alisher Ergashev Having two Master degrees in Economics-related disciplines (International Economics & Public Policy), I am now interested in Development Economics and related areas. In particular, my current PhD research aims at investigating the challenges and opportunities of fruit and vegetable production and consumption in Uzbekistan, and their role in human nutrition and health.
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