Small Island States Resilience Initiative (SISRI)

Small Island States are a group of countries that share small sizes, geographic isolation, and a high vulnerability to shocks. They include two-thirds of the countries that suffer the highest relative losses due to natural disasters - and these costs are being further exacerbated by climate change.

The Small Island States Resilience Initiative (SISRI) is a global programmatic framework established by The World Bank  and the Global Facility for Disaster Risk Reduction (GFDRR) in response to calls by the Small Island States for greater and more effective support to reduce vulnerability to climate change, disaster risks and build their resilience. Read more about the program here.

SISRI Practitioner’s Network

In far too many small island states, disaster risk management (DRM) and climate change practitioners remain detached from national development planning processes. To bring climate- and disaster-resilient development solutions to scale in the small island states, there is an urgent need to bridge this gap. To this end, the World Bank and GFDRR, through SISRI, have created the SISRI Practitioners' Network which connects people working in the field of climate and disaster resilience with experts and practitioners from the wider development sector in small island states.

Since the network was formally launched in 2016, GFDRR has convened meetings for the Practitioners’ Network every year. This has given participants an invaluable opportunity to exchange experiences, good practice and lessons learned for making development in the small island states more climate- and disaster- resilient.

This network is an online extension of the network and is open to practitioners and policy makers working in small island states, disaster risk management, subject-matter experts, and others seeking to increase their technical and operational knowledge; share resources, experiences, and solutions; develop professionally; and enhance collective knowledge on disaster risk reduction and building resilience in the small island states.

SISRI Practitioner’s network event at Understanding Risk 2018

The most recent Practitioners’ Network meeting was held on the sidelines of the 2018 Understanding Risk Forum in Mexico City.  This meeting brought together more than 70 practitioners, including 41 practitioners from 23 countries. SISRI produces periodic Knowledge Notes, which captures insights, best practices and lessons learned from the members of the network.

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Key Contacts

Denis Jean-Jacques Jordy

Lead Disaster Risk Management Specialist; GFDRR, The World Bank

Naraya Carrasco

Senior Disaster Risk Management Specialist, GFDRR, The World Bank