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Technical Deep Dive on Competitive Cities

Created by Asako Sato
October 302, 2017 | 8:00 PM | Tokyo, Kobe and Yokohama, Japan

Technical Deep Dive on Competitive Cities

October 30 to November 3, 2017


City leaders and decision-makers are striving to improve their teams’ ability to deal with day-to-day needs and with longer-term development issues. At the same time, city policy makers operate with dispersed information and conflicting theories on how to make their cities competitive. The Competitive Cities for Jobs and Growth (WBG 2015) report provides a framework for helping city leaders think through the what, who and how of local economic growth and development. The Competitive Cities TDD will aim to provide practical tools, networks and experiences to city leaders (public and private) to transform their cities into competitiveness champions in their regions. The TDD will be jointly organized by GP-SURR and the Trade and Competiveness GP and will provide client city officials and decision-makers the intellectual and practical assistance they need to lead economic development agendas in their cities. This TDD will build on Competitive Cities Case Studies of Japanese Cities which TDLC is developing. Case studies for Yokohama and Kobe are currently underway. Case studies of 4 additional Japanese Cities is planned for FY2018.

  • 1. Collaboration
  • 3. Implementation
  • 2. Preparation
  • 4. Follow-up