Transit-Oriented Development CoP

Welcome to the Transit-Oriented Development Community of Practice

Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) involves integrating land use and transit planning to promote sustainable urban development forms. Done well, TOD advances environmental sustainability, economic development, and socially-inclusive development.

The TOD CoP is intended to allow professionals working on TOD to share experiences across practice areas (specifically Urban Transport, Finance, Urban, Land and PPPs) and regions, and thereby improve business objectives through knowledge management and network development.

Felipe Targa (co-Lead), Shigeyuki Sakaki (co-Lead) Chyi-Yun Huang (co-Lead), Wanli Fang (co-lead) and Gunes Basat (Community Manager)

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Learn more about the TOD CoP Resources.


TOD Implementation Resources and Tools

This toolkit provides a compendium of resources for Transit-Oriented Development stakeholders to navigate each phase of the TOD process: Assessing, Enabling, Planning and Design, Financing, and Implementing. It includes ...


WRI: World TOD Resource

WRI resource provides a platform designed to educate policy-makers, planners and developers in the Global South about the benefits of TOD and equip them with tools for implementation.


Cities in Focus – Japanese cities

Boasting top-class public transportation systems in the world, Japan is one of the most advanced countries in terms of Transit-Oriented Development (TOD). The concept has always been a central concept for urban policies ...


Cities in Focus – Singapore

The first of our Cities in Focus series looks at Singapore, an island city-state that is renowned for its long-term, integrated approach to urban planning. While the phrase “Transit-Oriented Development” is not widely ...