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Blog » Case Study: "Land Readjustment in Japan", WB TDLC

Case Study: "Land Readjustment in Japan", WB TDLC

Created Jun 15 2017, 4:48 AM by Asako Sato
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Case Study: "Land Readjustment in Japan", WB TDLC


Land Readjustment is one of the popular urban development methods in Japan. It has been used for various development purposes around the whole country. The development purposes include not only residential area development in peri-urban areas, but also urban renewal in urbanized areas, and post-disaster reconstruction and integrated urban development with urban transport facilities. This is the first comprehensive account on Land Readjustment in Japan issued by the World Bank and has been developed as part of a Land Readjustment eLearning Module. Contents include the history of LR, legal and institutional arrangements, process, case studies inclusive of before and after land distribution and project costs.


Published January 2017

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