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Created Nov 09 2013, 3:07 AM by Samuel Zimmerman
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One of the biggest impediments to advancing the state of public transport planning practice in developing cities is the lack of analysis techniques consistent with their market, physical and operational conditions. To help address this situation, a manual to assist developing city public transport planners perform capacity analyses was prepared by the World Bank with financial support from the U.K.’s Department for Development, DFID.  It is intended to be a stand-alone companion to the recently updated U.S. Transportation Research Board’s Transit Capacity and Quality of Service Manual (TCQSM).   The original TCQSM, developed more than ten years ago and updated in August of this year, reflects, for the most part, developed city, especially North American experience.


The manual, Public Transport Capacity Analysis Procedures for Developing Cities, includes methodologies and data reflecting the different operating and physical conditions (i.e., significantly more crowded vehicles, higher service levels, more congested and constrained running ways) of public transport in developing cities. It should be noted however, that several of the procedures and tables in the report and used in case studies were adapted from the Transit Capacity and Quality of Service Manual’s Second Addition.


Comprehensive case studies of the application of its analysis procedures to extremely high demand rapid transit systems (Bogotá’s Transmillenio BRT system, the LRT/metro system in Medellin, Columbia) are included.

The manual was prepared by Professor Dr. Jack Reilly of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) with assistance from Dr. Herbert Levinson. They were supported by then R.P.I. students, Ivan Sanchez, Carlos Gonzalez-Calderon, Felipe Aros Vera, Brian Maleck, Michael Kukesh, Sarah Ritter, Kevin Watral, Caitlynn Coppinger and Robyn Marquis.



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