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Urbanscapes Symposium 2.0

March 80, 2019 | 10:00 AM |





Thursday, March 21, 2019

World Bank HQ, MC C1-100

9:45 – 17:30

The symposium will showcase global best practices in shaping productive, innovative and livable cities, featuring work by external partners and internal Bank TTLs. The full-day session will feature 3 focused sessions on: (i) innovative cities; (ii) smart neighborhoods; and (iii) placemaking. This will include a wide variety of topic from city planning and policy, asset management, citizen engagement and placemaking, and the use of technology to shape cities.







Jon Kher Kaw


Opening Remarks

Sameh Wahba


Intro to Urbanscapes CoP



Jessica Schmidt & Gunes Basat








Session Chair


Victor Vergara




Happy Cities – Building a New Capital City in Andhra Pradesh (Amaravati), India for People


Sreedhar Cherukuri & Rama Manohara Rao (Andhra Pradesh Capital Region Development Authority)


Inclusive Cities – Participatory planning through Urban Lab in Albania

Roland Krebs (Superwien Urbanism & TU Wien); Adelina Greca (National Planning Agency of Albania); Tuo Shi, Tamara Nikolic, Anita Ellmauer-Klambauer



Megacities – Rethinking City Planning through Remote Sensing

Tomas Soukup, Jan Kolomaznik (GISAT/ESA), Jon Kher Kaw & Hyunji Lee



Smart Cities – Big Data, and City Planning in Singapore (via VC)

Zhongwen Huang & Sarah Lin (Digital Labs, Urban Redevelopment Authority, Singapore)


Innovative Cities – Activating the future in Uzbekistan

Rosanna Nitti









Session Chair


Horacio Terraza




Transit Neighborhoods TOD Planning through the Scales in Dar es Salaam

James Rayner, Phil Bonds, Sean Cleary (Broadway Malyan) & Chyi-Yun Huang


Sustainable Neighborhoods – Sustainable Development Goals

Laura Petrella, Cecilia Andersson & Andrew Rudd (UN-HABITAT)


Walkable Neighborhoods – Measuring Pedestrian Accessibility

Nick Jones


Innovative Neighborhoods – Tokyo

Haruka Imoto


Vibrant Neighborhoods – Regenerating Traditional Public Spaces in Beijing

Zheng Judy Jia


Livable Neighborhoods – A Resilient Linear Park in the Andean City of El Alto, Bolivia

Sophie Chanson & Zoe Elena Trohanis







Session Chair


Felipe Targa 




Community-Powered Public Space Transformation – Implementing the New Urban Agenda through Placemaking

Ethan Kent (Project for Public Spaces)


Creative Placemaking – Washington DC

Joshua Silver (DC Office of Planning)


Co-creating Places Together –

Urban Designers’ Experiences

Milena Ivkovic (International Society of City and Regional Planning)


Gendering Urban Planning – Inclusive Design Strategies in Argentina’s Informal Settlements

Beatriz Eraso Puig


Placemaking & Integrated Development – Revitalizing the Past, Upgrading the Present, Shaping the Future in Zanzibar

Gyongshim An & Qingyun Shen









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