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  • Expert Talk Series

Urbanscapes Expert Talk Series hosts prominent names from different backgrounds and from all around the world. Here you could access a short bio of the speakers who already contributed to the series. If you want to get in touch with them, please reach out to us.



Placemaking Approaches in Transforming Public Spaces into Vital Places

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Fred Kent,Founder and President, Project for Public Spaces (PPS)




Putting People First for Livable Cities

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Jeff Risom, Managing Director, Gehl Architects

Urbanscapes Symposium: Public Spaces for City Transformation

Two-day Urbanscapes Symposium saw eighteen prominent thought leaders and renown practitioners from organizations such as Gehl Studios, Project for Public Spaces, 8 80 Cities, London Olympic Park Legacy Company, San Francisco Planning Department, Institute for Transport Development Policy (ITDP), Brookings, OECD and Georgetown University. For more information click here.

The Making of a High-Density Livable City: Singapore’s Urban Transformation



Michael Koh,Fellow, Centre for Liveable Cities (CLC) Singapore


How Policy Impacts Our Cities? How Cities Impact Our Health?



Apoorva Shenvi, Helms Fellow,WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities





Joseph Ross, Development Practitioner,Columbia University

SUPERBLOCKS:Barcelona's Plan to Give Streets Back to Residents



Salvador Rueda, Founder Director,Urban Ecology Agency of Barcelona


How Creative Community Spaces Transforming Cities into Innovation Hubs



Cullen Gilchrist,CEO, Union Kitchen






Vivian Liao,Principle, Totem Brooklyn






Manuel Mansylla,Principle, Totem Brooklyn



Designing Cities for Livability, Sustainability and Health



James F. Sallis, Distinguished Professor Emeritus, University of California, San Diego


Blueprint for a New Road Order



Janette Sadik-Khan, Ex NYC Transportation Commissioner






Skye Duncan, Director, Global Designing Cities Initiative


Enriching and Rejuvenating City with Public Space

Half-day workshop featured presentations from the Korean Research Institute for Human Settlement and the World Bank as well as a round table discussion to exchange ideas and experience on leveraging public urban spaces for city rejuvenation and liveability. For more information click here. Read the blog piece here.


URBANSIM: Data Science, Simulation and Visualization to Improve Our Communities


Paul Waddell, Founder of Urbansim, Professor of City and Regional Planning at Univeristy of California Berkeley





Gender Inclusion in Urban Spaces

See the agenda for the full list of speakers presented at the day long event.



Bridging DC: The 11th Street Bridge Park Project


Scott Kratz, Vice President, Ward 8 Non-profit Building Bridges Across the Writer, Director of the 11th Street Bridge Park





EO4SD-URBAN Webinar: Public Urban Spaces and Other Feature for Improving Urban Livelihoods



Tomas Soukup, Project Manager and Senior Consultant, GISAT






Jan Kolomaznik, Project and Production Manager, GISAT




No One at the Wheel: Driverless Cars and the Road of the Future


Sam Schwartz, President, Chief Executive Officer & Founder, Sam Schwartz Transportation Consultants




Urbanscapes Symposium 2.0

The symposium showcased global best practices in shaping productive, innovative and livable cities, featuring work by external partners and internal Bank TTLs. The full-day session will feature 3 focused sessions on: (i) innovative cities; (ii) smart neighborhoods; and (iii) placemaking. This will include a wide variety of topic from city planning and policy, asset management, citizen engagement and placemaking, and the use of technology to shape cities.View the agenda and list of speakers.