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Blog » New 'Guide to Inclusion and Health in Public Space' by Gehl Institute

New 'Guide to Inclusion and Health in Public Space' by Gehl Institute

Created Jul 16 2018, 1:33 PM by Basak Gunes Basat Unal

The Gehl Institute's new Inclusive Healthy Places Framework is a free tool for evaluating and creating inclusive public places that support health equity.

With thoughtful planning, design, cultivation, and activation, public spaces can play an important role in fostering healthier, more equitable communities.

The new report, Inclusive Health Places: A Guide to Inclusion & Health in Public Space. Learning Globally to Transform Locally, by Gehl Associates describes the Inclusive Healthy Places Framework, a free tool for evaluating and creating inclusive, healthy public places that support health equity. 

About the Report

The Framework and supporting analysis presented in the Inclusive Healthy Places report and on this site represent a synthesis of research and expertise in public health and urban planning and design, with specific focus on the social determinants of health that can be viewed clearly through the lens of public space.

The Guiding Principles of Inclusive Healthy Places introduced in the report and Framework outline four distinct but interrelated areas in which public space intersects with health equity and inclusion:

Principle 1. Recognize community context by cultivating knowledge of the existing conditions, assets, and lived experiences that relate to health equity.

Principle 2. Support inclusion in the processes that shape public space by promoting civic trust, participation, and social capital.

Principle 3. Design and program public space for health equity by improving quality, enhancing access and safety, and inviting diversity.

Principle 4. Foster social resilience and capacity of local communities to engage with changes in place over time by promoting representation, agency, and stability.

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