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Alain JF Chiaradia Strategic Urban Design, TOD & TID, urban design economics, spatial design modelling
Amitsinh Vaghela Founder Director, Earth Carbon. An online portal for climate change solutions.
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Barnabas BCO started in 2013, we were founded by Barnabas C Peter ( Founder President ), Barnabas addresses the development and humanitarian need of children, youth and families trapped in economic hardship so that no one has to face economic hardship and collecting money from people who unselfishly choose to give to benefits children, youth and families have a full live as possible, also meet their basic human need to lift them out of economic hardship. Our impact ensured they are assisted to smile from our very beginning, what he have accomplished has been by the diligent work he is doing today reaching children, youth and family achieve live and do better Barnabas used to see children, youth and families trapped in economic hardship because there was no money, no assistance giving to them where he live, he felt bad because a generation was suffering, wasting before his eyes, he started responding to their needs he saw around him by providing assistance and reaches them despite limited resources and make impact, he ensure that 95% of children, youth and families received assistance. BCO is one of the leading independently charity helping source for people