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Our Methodology

Created Jan 24 2022, 7:26 PM by Serenat Kivilcim

The mapping of internal lending and non-lending operations was conducted in two phases: 

Phase 1: Mapping of the World Bank WEE portfolio: 

An initial search was conducted in the World Bank’s image bank repository. The search used filters for timeline (2010-2021), region (South Asia), and predefined keywords by theme. These keywords were predefined for seven key WEE relevant themes. These themes included: 
1.    Skills and training
2.    Assets
3.    Labor market outcomes
4.    Empowerment
5.    Entrepreneurship 
6.    Credit
7.    Crisis

This master Image Bank database was then filtered by the disclosure status and document type to extract only the relevant analytical (non-lending)  and operational  (lending) documents. 

As a result, a list of 1550 documents lending, and 697 non-lending documents were identified and hence formed the WEESA master database.  

The WEESA database was triangulated and matched with other internal SAR databases (lending and non-lending project lists from World Bank Enterprise Data Catalogue (EDC), Community Driven Development (CDD) project lists, Self-Help Group list (SHG), and an IFC list. This identified projects that the image bank search missed out. These projects were flagged and included in the WEESA database. 

As a result, a core list of 2300 documents are constructed, of which 1604 are operational and 697 are analytical WB documents. 

Phase 2: In-depth review of design implementation and results 

The WEESA database was then segregated by themes, and relevant operational documents were reviewed in-depth for relevance.