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P151075 Pakistan Pakistan Community Support Project (CASA-1000)

Created Jan 24 2022, 6:20 PM by Najaf Zahra
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To improve access to local infrastructure and strengthen community engagement in the project areas. The women's groups aim to provide  provide women with the skills, tools, and resources to participate and take up leadership roles in groups. Specifically: 
(a) Sensitization about gender norms and women’s role: Mass communications outreach and social mobilization campaigns will encourage both women and men (with a focus on engaging men in households) to promote women’s participation in the CDCs, which are responsible for implementing and managing the infrastructure subprojects. The engagement will be designed to enable communities to see the benefits of including women’s voices in the CDCs for the benefit of women, children, and men.

(b) Female membership quota for CDCs: Institute a 20 percent quota for women in the CDCs, as stipulated in the Operations Manual, to facilitate women’s participation in community decision-making. Moving beyond participation, CDCs will be required to demonstrate that women’s voices were considered in decisions, and this will hold weight when finalizing community infrastructure schemes to be supported by the Project.

(c) Enhancing the capacity of women in the CDCs: To promote women’s attendance and quality of participation and to prevent elite male capture, SMPs will be sensitized to the local gender norms and CDD practices to engage with women.36 The SMPs will implement modules that train women in soft skills, such as effective public communication, strategies to organize themselves into groups, and working with local leadership or organizations that represent the interests of women.