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Blog » how huge for millennials innovation is start of 2016 going to be?

how huge for millennials innovation is start of 2016 going to be?

Created Oct 31 2014, 10:00 AM by chris macrae

Information is leaking out that the new year of 2016 will be unlike any other this century for several reasons:

main one that our partners in media for humanity have several years of dynamic understanding of is: how the end of phase 1 millennial goals is huge because almost every assistance agency and mega philanthropy designed success metrics linked to the pre 2015 goals

moreover out of america, 2016 will be a double witching year for largest aid strategies because of the  political cycle in USA ( what will the 8 year continuity that has been Obama Presidency be replaced by)  --- example of evidence - many of the world's largest education proigrams have already been informed of a shift chge in what will be funded

another reason for 2016 being a gamechanging year is some collaboration youth summits are scaling exponentially and hopefully will provide a post 2015 voice that wasn't previously scaled in how this millenniums decision making was planned - we wish to map where these summits are -please tell us of further sightings

another reason


  is those who value the internet as everything other than what broadcast commercial media could do finally have such scaling platforms as open ealrning's 5 billion humans elearning satellite yazmi, and collaboration partnerships around on-demand coursera (and khan style resources); elearning is only one example- clearly the next few years see chinese internet companies (including world's biggest ipo Ali Baba) making a mark which could be very different from west coast usa's purposes - this issue is a threat/opportunity tipping point which I hope all open society movements are consciously aware of

please tell us of other examples


for those youth and others concerned with the future of jim kim's directions, all of the above adds extra meaning to are we (under 35s and pro-youth economics movements) all aligned around the social values of #2030now

Kim et all paper of transforming value chain of global health,Lancet 2013
Map World Record Job Creators ... jim kim linkin top 40 better for the world social actions-networks; stars of who tedx who with jim kim


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