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  • If there could be anyone who have concerns on empowering youth.(Especially on young women)

    peixi song Posted Nov 14 2015, 7:34 AM

    If there could be anyone who have concerns on empowering youth.(Especially on young women empowerment )

    Please share your opinions with me here, Ok?

    Thanks for reading and sharing.

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  • How to increase global collaboration

    Md. Mofijul Islam Bulbull Posted Sep 10 2015, 9:43 AM

    Still we need a good mechanism for collaboration. But, for the youth forum, we need some sort of guideline and help and training.

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  • Ways to engage for Youth Summit 2015

    Jewel Monique McFadden Posted Sep 04 2015, 12:01 PM


    More information about the event can be found here.  Below are some way you can engage in Youth Summit 2015:


    1. Spread the word: To make this the greatest and most inclusive Youth Summit yet, we would very much appreciate if you could share this post with all of your networks.
    2. Participate as a competitor: We encourage you to participate in our Crowd-Sourcing Solutions for Climate Change competition. If your proposal is preselected, we invite the team captain of the preselected proposals to come to DC and present live at the World Bank.
    3. Participate as an attendee: Apply during the registration process beginning September 15, 2015. Unfortunately we do not fund trips for the attendees but we encourage you to find a sponsor.
    4. Manage a booth during the event: We can provide a table for you to showcase the awesome work you’re doing in a climate change-related field. If you are interested in this option please let us know with an email to with the subject title “Booths”
    5. Follow and contribute to the conversation Via Twitter use #wbgyouthsummit or register for our online community Collaboration for Development:
    6. Watch the event in a World Bank Country Office: If you cannot come to DC, we will try our best to have a conference room reserved in country offices so that you can watch the event live with other young professionals. If you are interested in this option please let us know with an email to with the subject title “WBG Country Offices”
    7. We are open to suggestions!


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  • Youth Summit 2015 to tackle climate change

    Jewel Monique McFadden Posted Aug 10 2015, 3:51 PM

    This year's Youth Summit on November 16 -17, 2015 will focus on the impact young people can have on tackling climate change related issues. We hope to identify and develop innovative, youth-driven solutions to address climate change by facilitating the transfer of skills and knowledge in an encouraging and rigorous environment.


    Details for the upcoming Youth Summit will be announced later this month. In the meantime: Do you think recent changes in our climate are more attributed to natural or human causes? We would love to hear your thoughts.


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  • Photos from the Youth Summit 2014?

    Kimberly Blair Bolch Posted Oct 31 2014, 5:03 PM

    Did you take photos at the Youth Summit 2014? Share your link!

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  • The World's 15 Most Important Years - Quarterly Newsletter -1

    chris macrae Posted Oct 27 2014, 7:55 AM

    Chartering Collaboration Challenge- its our exploratory goal to complete this preview quarterly newsletter by 9 November 2014 -please send in recommended additions and changes by that date -secretariat: washington dc 301 881 1655 (or just post below and we will re-edit top linking page


    LIVING DRAFT Quarter60minus1 - reference text from start of un year 2013-2014 Jim Kim2030nowjimkim2transcripts.doc 2030nowjimkim2transcripts.doc, 40 K

    Are you in some ways linkedin to the post 2015 millennials' goals? If so do you enjoy sharing beliefs like these

    By 2030

    5 we will know whether sustainability of the earth for 7 billion peoples has been earned

    4 world citizens and villager networking will have all the information shared to end poverty - and to close down low-trust (less than whole truth) policies that are the root cause of wars and spin terror (how else can nature's borderless world and humans knowledge economy prevent collapsing into big brother's endgame)


    3 women4empowerment and  open society communities will be valued everywhere - prioritising local distribution of knowhow and productivity needed to empower security of food, water, health and personal safety

    2 the internet as the greatest gamechanger ever mediated will be pivotal to how youth value leaders of the world's most impactful organisations (including nations and global brand market leaders) through the three-in-one mapping processes of accountability, transparency and sustainability

    1 Declaration of interdependence- entrepreneurially the whole planet will be celebrating the happiness and freedoms of 7 million wonderful livelihoods (first dreamed of by one state in 1776). There will have been a keysnian systems convergence of business and social leaders (including public servants and faith champions)


    The next quarterly60.1 will list lively examples of where these open systems designs are already joyfully starting up and being linked in by and for youth .Please send in your  sightings by 15 January 2015

    Here, Quarterminus1 previews extraordinary changes in educationaf freedom as related to such key age segments as

    8 to 12

    13 to 18

    19 to 24

    25 to 35



    If your are in one of the 2 oldest groups then your unique economic role can be as a social valuation  leader, parent or investor (including pension fund connector)

    If you are in the 2 middle groups, then you are the most connected educated humans our race has ever seen - your actions will have most productive  and borderless collaboration impact on #2030now

    if you are in the two youngest groups , what do educators who have spent the most time considering this change prioritise as newly possible as the 21st century comes of age that 20th century's pre-digital age couldnt empower?



    #2030 now elearning spaces include

    yazmi 5 billion persons elearning sattelite

    world bank open learning campus - including an appeal to on-demand coursera-style partners


    real-time experiments most relevant to empowering youth valuation of the world's 15 most important years include:

    BRAC and City Montessori systems

    S Africas partners in redesigning curriculum of entrepreneurship, financial literacy, empowerment , coding forms


    critical knowhow for the future of educators

    Various womens and open technology (Ihubs)  and superstar movements transforming economies by leapfrogging of public infrastructures

    #2030now social movements converge round millennials goodwill

    first launched by jim kim at social valuation summits starting UN year 2013-2014; first mooced; first youth summited october 2013; first mooced january 2014; first announced as connecting millennials entrepreneur competition april 2014; first young affinity society launched July 2014 to accompany America's invest in African partnerships week;  first tedx's october 2014


    other movements....

    no practice area known to us rivals the progress health millennials have made particularly out of boston- ypchronic (out of Boston) has taken the lessons on innovation in pharma first mapped around drugs for HIV - and formed a league table of all market sectors contributing most to chronic diseases; they have clarified how al these sectors share the same lobbying tactics in deviation of  most of the top 5 valuation beliefs of 2030. ; a virtual partner of ypchronic is GHDonline which is also designed around to be knowledge's open space for partners in health; over in Japan its actually young medical millennials who lead beyond capitalism dialogues out of Tokyo university. Please tell us of your hemisphere's most exciting millennials practice networks


    Examples of beliefs that you can oin in social actioning

    from the tedx series 1 Ppp star beliefs; world bank millnnials goals -culture of youth can live their life for eternity.; twelve year old's artistic empowerment transformation ..--- where will the next tedx be?

    from the youth summit series - video of youth's 30 minute questioning of what actions will jim kim take; october 27 folow up launch from young americas workshop

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  • BRCA1 and other revolutions in genetic science -opportunities for global health economics?

    chris macrae Posted Oct 26 2014, 9:06 PM

    May i recommend search BRCA1 as essential context before rest of this


    For transparency sake, let me start with my biases:as a human being with not 1 second of medical training - I rather wish medical literacy was one of the subjects all schools made compulsory and all public mass media took responsibilty for starting with my country;s BBC world service- but that's a mediation story my family argued for 40 years ago out of The Economist and elsewhere and lost!

    online library of norman macrae--

    my sister died with breast cancer age 34, my neice died age 18 during her gao year trying to help end poverty in nmalawi - so 2030 now collaboration is deeply interpersonal for twits in our family tree


    my father's best friend (because they both found 7 days skiing a perfect release to 358 days of working 18 hours a day was sir keith peters) -search sirt keith and you will find cambridge researchers who won a nobel prize for open sourcing genome out of cambridge university (forgive me I am just a citizen/ pro-yoputh reporter not a medical expert) were empowered by sir keith peters out of Cambridge University while he also tried to revolutonise london's worst nih hospital (the in hammermith)= sir keith also tried to change (in my view not yet successfully smith kline beecham and The Economist) -and I am unable to judge impacts on the UK Royal society of medicine -and  indeed any all other london royal society (which have certainly staged many of london's most revolutioanary speakers since Gandhi) but not necessarily animate pro-youth a


    if you have a really serious question to ask sir keith contact me (bethesda 301 881 1655 or )  and if I understand how t ask it I will make sure sir keith and his cambhidge medical millenials alumni receive it


    I decided to ;post this now as CBS 60 minutes used to be the most evil news series imo during bush admin but has reformed - tonight's interview on who to sack on ebola and what BRCA1 is about should be must view content before you read the attached analysis on how to refrm global health value chain- if you have ever come across an expert who might agree with the attached please could you bookamr us


    thanks chris macrae partners in publishing world record book of job creation



    millennials sustainabilty expoentials

    women mobile entrepreneur fan clubs w4E (DC) F4D (NY)  womenuni (IWMyunusuni (Dhaka)


    Surprisingly those who extended the branding of the curriculum of my father's 1972 entrepreneurial revolution often abused it most - starting with Romaino Prodi (1976)  who was 1976's main translator from english to other eu lingua frabnca and Bill Drayton from 1978 ( actually I love the mission of romano prodi -erid mafia from Italy so would always want to search his latest millenial networks especially if they linkin Bolgna wioth Rome (1nobel 2ifad 3f4d 4catholic 5green)- though I live in washongton dc I have been bullied my so many greenwashers/lobbyists sponsoring drayton, that no! his networks are not the cup of tea I would recommend to my daughers generation)- whats interesting is what happened around 2003 - skoll asked drayton and susan davis to choose the first 6 worldwide social enbrepreneurs - choices made:  dratyton himslelt, tapper-marlow (reallu is fashion manufactirg responsibility improved under her mediation). brazil's grajew -well brazilan's tell me he didnt lead what he clained to (Bula did!); eigen well i asked his uk representative a question at the 2014 youth summit and received the least postitve answer anyone has publicly given me- 2 people my family love muhammad yunus and sir fazle abed but one of whom has got the wrong mil;ennials end of every greeneashing stick

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  • Did Gandhi (or other) Peacemakers say or do that?

    chris macrae Posted Oct 26 2014, 10:57 AM

    Ever since the wondrous Rome-Sponsored, Warsaw-located Nobel  Peace Summit Oct 2013, I had been looking forward to a Cape Town peace summit that launched the open learning curriculum of Mandela, of 2 Popes (todays and John Pauls) and hopefully every other peace leaders of faith or hi-trust entrepreneurship or other social value


    Unfortunately bureaucrats in South Africa cancelled the entire youth peace summit that was suposed to have been celebrated earlier thus month.


    Now I have 3 problems (advice welcomed . Tour of Asian Pacific Millennials Century: AP75, Japan62, China77, Bangladesh ( 1 2 3)


    One friends  (especially my scottish clans diaspora reach) advise millennilas of every job-creating origin to twin with chinese millennials wherever they can positively trade and especially celebrate every advance on green power that chinas accelerates; 2 the failure of the British Broadcasting Corporation to so far celebrate millennial generation and mediate social value has been in large part caused by something (murdoch empire star sports china, tabloid UK) spinning even lower trust; so I dont feel fit to call out s.african government for something the last 14 years of houses of parliament london has been dismally chained by.  3 some of the greatest education advances I have ever searched have now spent brewing around 16 years of partnerships out of


    So I don t choose to fight the battle of accountability, transparency with China even though the latest trials of Hing Kong youth pain me


    So instead this thread

    Context after 9/11 I spent most of my 2000s commuting between London and DC, In London one of the biggest annual youth summits 2004 to 2008 was called Be The Change -a movement that one of my most trusted mentors everything. I have massed quite a large library of diaries written by people around Gandhi as he lived, but its not online searchable- I still havent found where he said be the change first. I always love readinh contexts of original quotes of leaders worth action learning with- so if anyone can help me out then I would be most grateful


    However let me get move on a curriculum of Gandhi : is that something we could be linking in around this collaboration network? - and since I know the family who started close on half a million children studying Gandhi's joyful future of world citizenry, I can ask some friends from Lucknow to come and swarm to improve on this - if it turns out to be a popular colaboration


    Whenever I try to explain a leaders actions to someone else I try and find a life changing moment. Gandhi's is fortunately is indisputable. Movements of whole truth instead of inconvenient truth, as well as community dramas of Satyagraha  emerged from 1906


    He was in south africa- half way through his life he had the aha when thrown out of a first class train carriage for having the wrorng colored skin- everything he had professionally studied (from qualifying as a Bar of London Barrister, the first ordinary native of India to go do that as a young students ) was actually compounding the future ruination of his peoples in India and coloreds in South Africa. What he did was fascinating, and since people often talk about peaceful resistance or social ashokadom,  I do wish they would learn the whole process not just the salt or the land marches. He spent the next quarter of his lfie developing a whole new education system, and only then did he start taking on the british with massive but peaceful resistance movements


    Let's talk about 3 components of his education system because (well I would love to know more about how they were collaboratuvely assembled)


    Vocational ashrams- whats curious here is he shaped rural networks of families- he actually used quite a lot of child labor but all in the deeply community and rural apprenticeship context. So that was his main educational system that he invented himself and roughly speaking its was from about 10 years. I don not know if during the developmegt of ashrams he did anything formal about primary education. IO do know that his huge innovation leap in primary educatu=on came at the end of his educational sphere of development


    Next I believe he developed a University at Ahemedabad. I still dont understand how successful this university has been. It seems that specialists love it but its impact on university systems everywhere else is little more than any other theological college. Again I have writtet that hoping an expert will come and say how wrong you are - millions of youth can openly learn this from Ahemdabad U


    But much the most significant change Gandhi ever led through education came from what was I think his 3 rd visit to London. This was in the mid 1920s. Gandhi wanted to give London advance warning of his coming civil disobedience back in India. So thousands of people met with him in the Quakers Friends House (opposite Euston Station this remains an unique civil space whose accessibility every capital might value)  to discuss this- and pretty well all over europe people of good spirit joined in (through their frtends if oit being directly present). The most wonderful of these joiners was Maria Montessori. She committed much of the rest of her life moving from Italy to India to take village Montessori school networks to India  :


    well I leave you ti search what village schooling of that sort has done to develop economies- clue there would have been no bangaldeshi microcredit without this innovation - partners in publishing the world record book of job creation are not sure we would talk her now of end poverty race if it hadnt been for montessori-gandhi partnership in education


    I will wait here to see if anyone wants to pick up this aspect of Gandhi's Entrepreneurial and Education Revolution, before I get to the last quarter of his life which for my family starts off with the embarassment of my maternal grandfather Kenneth Kemp feeling compelled as Mumbai's chief justice to begin his  quarter of a century relationship with Gandhi by jailing him. This was a peculiar incident because the Kemps remain fame to this day was for having brought pharamcy and nursing to mumbai of the turn of the 19-20th century - though the location for their open medical entrepreneurship (Kemps Corner) is now a major roundabout and shopping centre with little of open medical value still existing.

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  • Photos from the Youth Summit

    Samantha Abigail Fien-Helfman Posted Oct 16 2014, 4:16 PM

    Hi all: Just wanted to let you know I've posted my photos from the Youth Summit, which you can access here: WBG Youth Summit - Samantha Fien-Helfman Photography I'll also upload them to this C4D page soon. Enjoy!

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  • Know of any young innovators in Africa addressing the issue of youth employment?

    Thien Vinh Nguyen Posted Oct 16 2014, 3:16 PM

    Greetings! Ashoka and The MasterCard Foundation have launched the "Future Forward: Youth Innovations for Employment in Africa" challenge. We're looking for young innovators aged 18-30 with solutions and projects that address the issue of youth employment in sub-Saharan Africa. Check out The deadline is November 5th. If you know of any young innovators to recommend, please do let us know!


    Future Forward Challenge.png

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