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Discussion » BRCA1 and other revolutions in genetic science -opportunities for global health economics?

BRCA1 and other revolutions in genetic science -opportunities for global health economics?

May i recommend search BRCA1 as essential context before rest of this


For transparency sake, let me start with my biases:as a human being with not 1 second of medical training - I rather wish medical literacy was one of the subjects all schools made compulsory and all public mass media took responsibilty for starting with my country;s BBC world service- but that's a mediation story my family argued for 40 years ago out of The Economist and elsewhere and lost!

online library of norman macrae--

my sister died with breast cancer age 34, my neice died age 18 during her gao year trying to help end poverty in nmalawi - so 2030 now collaboration is deeply interpersonal for twits in our family tree


my father's best friend (because they both found 7 days skiing a perfect release to 358 days of working 18 hours a day was sir keith peters) -search sirt keith and you will find cambridge researchers who won a nobel prize for open sourcing genome out of cambridge university (forgive me I am just a citizen/ pro-yoputh reporter not a medical expert) were empowered by sir keith peters out of Cambridge University while he also tried to revolutonise london's worst nih hospital (the in hammermith)= sir keith also tried to change (in my view not yet successfully smith kline beecham and The Economist) -and I am unable to judge impacts on the UK Royal society of medicine -and  indeed any all other london royal society (which have certainly staged many of london's most revolutioanary speakers since Gandhi) but not necessarily animate pro-youth a


if you have a really serious question to ask sir keith contact me (bethesda 301 881 1655 or )  and if I understand how t ask it I will make sure sir keith and his cambhidge medical millenials alumni receive it


I decided to ;post this now as CBS 60 minutes used to be the most evil news series imo during bush admin but has reformed - tonight's interview on who to sack on ebola and what BRCA1 is about should be must view content before you read the attached analysis on how to refrm global health value chain- if you have ever come across an expert who might agree with the attached please could you bookamr us


thanks chris macrae partners in publishing world record book of job creation



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women mobile entrepreneur fan clubs w4E (DC) F4D (NY)  womenuni (IWMyunusuni (Dhaka)


Surprisingly those who extended the branding of the curriculum of my father's 1972 entrepreneurial revolution often abused it most - starting with Romaino Prodi (1976)  who was 1976's main translator from english to other eu lingua frabnca and Bill Drayton from 1978 ( actually I love the mission of romano prodi -erid mafia from Italy so would always want to search his latest millenial networks especially if they linkin Bolgna wioth Rome (1nobel 2ifad 3f4d 4catholic 5green)- though I live in washongton dc I have been bullied my so many greenwashers/lobbyists sponsoring drayton, that no! his networks are not the cup of tea I would recommend to my daughers generation)- whats interesting is what happened around 2003 - skoll asked drayton and susan davis to choose the first 6 worldwide social enbrepreneurs - choices made:  dratyton himslelt, tapper-marlow (reallu is fashion manufactirg responsibility improved under her mediation). brazil's grajew -well brazilan's tell me he didnt lead what he clained to (Bula did!); eigen well i asked his uk representative a question at the 2014 youth summit and received the least postitve answer anyone has publicly given me- 2 people my family love muhammad yunus and sir fazle abed but one of whom has got the wrong mil;ennials end of every greeneashing stick