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Discussion » How does financial transparency link to governance and development?

How does financial transparency link to governance and development?

Lawmakers' decisions hurt billions for the benefit of few. Check out this article from the Wall Street Journal:

Developing Countries Could Reap Trillions By Squashing Financial Secrecy, Paper Says - Real Time Economics - WSJ

  • For more on this, see Global Financial Integrity

  • Great Article. The main takeaway for me that can speed up development is


    3. Cut to zero the number of multinationals that don’t report their financial activities on a country-by-country basis.
  • Interesting article. Thanks.

  • Transparency earns the trust of the people and makes it easy  for society and individuals to entrust public funds to Government. When there is trust between a government and its citizens then unity is promoted,only then can growth and development effectively happen.

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    The citizens need to know how public funds are used. To truly participate in an accountable democratic process, they need to know the details and figures of public income and spending. They need regular evidence-based reports that are independent. This is a full-time job that should exist in developing countries. Thanks Julianna for sharing this nice article.

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