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Discussion » The World's 15 Most Important Years - Quarterly Newsletter -1

The World's 15 Most Important Years - Quarterly Newsletter -1

Chartering Collaboration Challenge- its our exploratory goal to complete this preview quarterly newsletter by 9 November 2014 -please send in recommended additions and changes by that date -secretariat: washington dc 301 881 1655 (or just post below and we will re-edit top linking page


LIVING DRAFT Quarter60minus1 - reference text from start of un year 2013-2014 Jim Kim2030nowjimkim2transcripts.doc 2030nowjimkim2transcripts.doc, 40 K

Are you in some ways linkedin to the post 2015 millennials' goals? If so do you enjoy sharing beliefs like these

By 2030

5 we will know whether sustainability of the earth for 7 billion peoples has been earned

4 world citizens and villager networking will have all the information shared to end poverty - and to close down low-trust (less than whole truth) policies that are the root cause of wars and spin terror (how else can nature's borderless world and humans knowledge economy prevent collapsing into big brother's endgame)


3 women4empowerment and  open society communities will be valued everywhere - prioritising local distribution of knowhow and productivity needed to empower security of food, water, health and personal safety

2 the internet as the greatest gamechanger ever mediated will be pivotal to how youth value leaders of the world's most impactful organisations (including nations and global brand market leaders) through the three-in-one mapping processes of accountability, transparency and sustainability

1 Declaration of interdependence- entrepreneurially the whole planet will be celebrating the happiness and freedoms of 7 million wonderful livelihoods (first dreamed of by one state in 1776). There will have been a keysnian systems convergence of business and social leaders (including public servants and faith champions)


The next quarterly60.1 will list lively examples of where these open systems designs are already joyfully starting up and being linked in by and for youth .Please send in your  sightings by 15 January 2015

Here, Quarterminus1 previews extraordinary changes in educationaf freedom as related to such key age segments as

8 to 12

13 to 18

19 to 24

25 to 35



If your are in one of the 2 oldest groups then your unique economic role can be as a social valuation  leader, parent or investor (including pension fund connector)

If you are in the 2 middle groups, then you are the most connected educated humans our race has ever seen - your actions will have most productive  and borderless collaboration impact on #2030now

if you are in the two youngest groups , what do educators who have spent the most time considering this change prioritise as newly possible as the 21st century comes of age that 20th century's pre-digital age couldnt empower?



#2030 now elearning spaces include

yazmi 5 billion persons elearning sattelite

world bank open learning campus - including an appeal to on-demand coursera-style partners


real-time experiments most relevant to empowering youth valuation of the world's 15 most important years include:

BRAC and City Montessori systems

S Africas partners in redesigning curriculum of entrepreneurship, financial literacy, empowerment , coding forms


critical knowhow for the future of educators

Various womens and open technology (Ihubs)  and superstar movements transforming economies by leapfrogging of public infrastructures

#2030now social movements converge round millennials goodwill

first launched by jim kim at social valuation summits starting UN year 2013-2014; first mooced; first youth summited october 2013; first mooced january 2014; first announced as connecting millennials entrepreneur competition april 2014; first young affinity society launched July 2014 to accompany America's invest in African partnerships week;  first tedx's october 2014


other movements....

no practice area known to us rivals the progress health millennials have made particularly out of boston- ypchronic (out of Boston) has taken the lessons on innovation in pharma first mapped around drugs for HIV - and formed a league table of all market sectors contributing most to chronic diseases; they have clarified how al these sectors share the same lobbying tactics in deviation of  most of the top 5 valuation beliefs of 2030. ; a virtual partner of ypchronic is GHDonline which is also designed around to be knowledge's open space for partners in health; over in Japan its actually young medical millennials who lead beyond capitalism dialogues out of Tokyo university. Please tell us of your hemisphere's most exciting millennials practice networks


Examples of beliefs that you can oin in social actioning

from the tedx series 1 Ppp star beliefs; world bank millnnials goals -culture of youth can live their life for eternity.; twelve year old's artistic empowerment transformation ..--- where will the next tedx be?

from the youth summit series - video of youth's 30 minute questioning of what actions will jim kim take; october 27 folow up launch from young americas workshop