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    Matt, the problem with your posting is that it sets an extremely high bar for the rest of us! I've already copied your text in my personal literature-archive on Municipal Finance (which I'm slowly trying to upload on our Community of Practice), certain that I will use the insights/recommentations from your posting in many practical ways going forward. I'm turning to our Community leader, Kirti Devi, for her opinion on what is the best way to capture and make easily available these pearls of wisdom. Perhaps a live-document (just like the World Bank wikithon that you Matt led a couple of months ago)?


    For everybody's information, here's the LINK to the World Urban Forum referenced by Matt. Among other things, the site provides access to three online discussions (now closed for contributions but still available for reading) that took place around key topics. Here's the LINK to one of the debates, Retooling 'Cities for Life': New approaches to urban infrastructure and service provision.

    • Thanks, Joshua! And while the wikithon that was held during the SDN Forum is over, the wiki that was created is still live and open for contributions!



      Monika Weber-Fahr, who ran the SDN Forum, is committed to keeping the wiki process going, and eventually any content created on the current wiki site will be migrated to a permanent Bank wiki platform