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    Primary protocol three deals with the transport of persons suspected to be infected as well as those showing symptoms of infection. These protocols expose several ancillary factors that require attention such as the need to ensure that vehicles transporting such persons are able to move safely with reduced risk of accidents and the need for psychosocial workers to track transmission routes and identify persons exposed who may have to be quarantined.


    This task of identifying risk factors and drawing up protocols is a complex one that demands expert involvement and once drawn up such protocols require global adoption which will require the intervention of the WHO or possibly a more powerful body like the security council.


    Based on the very little work that has been done it can be seen that such protocols have very large costs in terms of all kinds of resources. If the species homo sapiens is committed to an attempt to contain the spread of this virus that has integrity and that hence may succeed then immediate preparations must be made to source the required resources. This is the area of response that will indicate the level of commitment that obtains.