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    Quarantine Police: shoot-on-sight order given to soldiers in Ebola-wary Liberia for any border crossers | The Extinction…


    Liberia’s armed forces have reportedly been given orders to shoot people trying to illegally cross the border from neighboring Sierra Leone, which was closed to stem the spread of Ebola. Soldiers stationed in Bomi and Grand Cape Mount counties, which border Sierra Leone, were to ‘shoot on sight’ any person trying to cross the border, said deputy chief of staff, Colonel Eric Dennis, according to local newspaper the Daily Observer.

    It is hoped that this will impress the gravity of the situation upon governments of Nations States across the planet. Homo sapiens do not have the kind of structures, infrastructure, instruments, mechanisms and processes in place that can respond with the speed required to contain these sorts of viral attacks and neither do they have the perceptual capacities required to conceptualize them or the strategic acumen to generate and set them in motion without severe authoritarian imposition and the consequent panic that is likely. The current structural framework is such that it facilitates only individual Homo sapiens with certain serious functional limitations to occupy positions of power and leadership which positions are supposed to perceive, conceptualize, express, formulate initiate and guide such responses...a task which they are totally incapable of performing. Such leaders do not possess the capacity to understand the articulation of complex processes.

    Those who can do so must collaborate with each other giving rise to a global network that can articulate responses to this interesting crisis.