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    The next forseeable problem is going to be the result of the World Health Organizations failure to immediately request manufacturers of personal protection gear to ramp up their production capacities and its failure to instruct governments to construct individual quarantine facilities in strategic locations - close to air ports, sea ports and border crossings for instance. If the World Health Organization has already taken such measures then giving them publicity will build public confidence and help contain anxiety and panic.


    One recalls the Pakistani earthquake in or around 2005 where there was a sudden requirement for about a million all weather tents. The United Nations Organization had no stockpiles of such tents anywhere in the world and neither could the manufacturing capacities be ramped up at short notice. A similar situation no doubt prevails in relation to personal protection gear that has to be burned immediately after use. Does the World Health Organization know how many sets of Personal Protection gear is required by medical staff to attend to ONE SINGLE EBOLA INFECTED PERSON???



    Conceptual Capacity and Strategic Competence is ALWAYS inhibited by the hierarchical pyramid. Strategists at the UNO must be TRAINED to cultivate these functional capacities.