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    In the context of any disaster the public are entitled to information as to what responses are being adopted.


    Another doctor dies in Nigeria after virus reported contained- 100 people under surveillance who had contact | The Extin…


    The public needs to know what action is being taken to track down people exposed to the virus and place them in quarantine. This has to be done for every single case of viral infection and the public has to be informed of the success and the degree of success that has been achieved in relation to tracking down those exposed to evry single case.


    In the case shown at the quoted URL for instance have all the hotel employees exposed to the infection been quarantined? How did the infected person travel to the hotel and whom did he come into contact with before traveling to and while traveling the hotel? Have all these people been tracked down, informed of their status and placed in quarantine?  Are those quarantine facilities individual ones so that they do not catch the virus from any infected person in quarantine?


    This information must be made public.


    If not public confidence in government and the world health organization will soon be lost.