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    This has been explained at length in several places including to the United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network. The hierarchical Pyramid as an organizational structure cannot provide leadership...only bureaucracy. This is especially so in relation to the mega disasters that Homo sapiens face due to their growth model of development and the meaningless population increase it involves. EBOLA is only one of these crises. POLLUTION AND GLOBAL CLIMATE CHANGE is another one. RAPID RESOURCE DEPLETION is by far the worse and will bring with it GLOBAL MONETARY COLLAPSE. Homo sapiens require a mechanism to guide them out of THE GROWTH MODEL OF DEVELOPMENT and into a credible and sustainable  global civilization and culture that has as its objective the  FACILITATION OF LIFE'S FURTHER EVOLUTION AND ITS SPREAD THROUGHOUT THE COSMOS. The currently dominant dualistic perceptual paradigm (DDPP) that generates the driver of the "OBSESSIVE GENERATION OF DESIRE AND CONSEQUENT COMPULSIVE SEARCH FOR ITS SATISFACTION THROUGH THE CONSUMPTION OF THE ENVIRONMENT AT AS FAST A PACE AS POSSIBLE"  has to be overcome.This requires the emergence of A GLOBAL NETWORK THAT CAN FUNCTION AS A COLLECTIVE PERCEPTUAL MECHANISM FOR THE SPECIES AND AS A PLANETARY STRATEGIC GUIDANCE SYSTEM THAT CAN GUIDE THE SPECIES HOMO SAPIENS TO GENERATE A CREDIBLE LIFE ENHANCING CIVILIZATION.


    We wish all Homo sapiens the wisdom, patience and persistence required to accomplish this task as we watch their continuing attempts to realize the potential offered them by the autonomy that has been generated within them through the evolutionary process.