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    The species Homo sapiens stands paralyzed before the challenge that has arisen. Its weapons of mass destruction are of no use. Its armies unable to perceive its attackers. A tiny piece of genetic material lays waste the mighty atom splitter. The hierarchical Pyramid that has brought authoritarian oppression and gender bias through the ages now falls apart.


    There is no structure, no infrastructure, no system, no processes through which a response can be perceived, formulated and initiated, supported and sustained.


    Billions of brains are locked into Television with its flow of advertisements that build a false reality in the human mind while no brains are available to think and to perceive and to respond.


    The greatest PRACTITIONERS IOF DISASTER RISK MANAGEMENT wait silently inactive because their GREAT LEADERS have not yet told them that we are witnessing a MEGADISASTER IN THE MAKING.


    Sleep well sweet Homo sapiens as you slide gently into your grave. In you was generated the highest level of autonomy that the world has ever seen. Yet all you could do was to obsessively cultivate desire and compulsively seek its satisfaction through the consumption of yourself which you saw as your "environment" through your Growth Model of Development which has brought Rapid Resource Consumption, Pollution and Global Climate Change and will soon bring Global Monetary Collapse.


    Those who have hope, network with others like yourselves to try and drive the pyramid to meaningful action, while you generate the ten species support and survival systems as best you can.