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    Dereliction of duty is one thing but the failure to act against EBOLA for several months amounts to insubordination. Many appear to have deserted under fire quoting lack of equipment as an excuse. This matter must be investigated.


    All those who have failed to act must be relieved of their posts and responsible officers placed in charge immediately while inquiries proceed. Failure to provide equipment must be investigated as well.


    The failure of the United Nations Organization to act decisively is a very serious matter. Its apparent inability to provide quarantine facilities with a few thousand beds renders it unfit to attend to the interests of NINE BILLION individual Homo sapiens who inhabit the world.The secretary general of the United Nations Organization must be called to account. The staff of the United Nations Organization are well remunerated and provided with all required facilities in order to perform their duties. Their failure to respond to EBOLA must be investigated and punishment meted out where required.