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    A completely different approach is required to contain emerging pandemics. However there is no one interested in exploring these methods. Most people are captives of the pyramid and are therefore confined to pyramidal responses which are unsustainable in terms of resources.


    This is evident in the case of all disasters be they minor ones or mega ones.


    In Sri Lanka we have a "Drought" which is not a drought but a shifting of weather patterns possibly due to global climate change. We get the very same or more amounts of rain but at different times and in different places and in different intensities.This can be seen using the data on Sri Lankan weather. Yet no one wants to look at designing and constructing water management systems that can harvest the rain from the changed patterns.


    Governments are incompetent and unwilling to listen. Interested persons have to form a global network to guide governments into sensible and credible actions. This seems to be the problem in all countries.


    An attempt to generate such a network is underway in Sri Lanka.