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    There is no available study comparing the vulnerabilities of medical staff and those of people tasked with burying the corpses of those who have died of EBOLA. If there is a difference in the level of vulnerability then it may be that EBOLA loses its capacity to transmit once its host is dead. We do not at the moment have the capacity to ensure that researchers test this possibility without delay. Neither do we have the capacity to ensure that researchers test the level of permeability of personal protection gear to the EBOLA Virus. We would also want the claims that the EBOLA virus can survive only a few hours on dry surfaces tested since viruses are supposedly not "living" organisms and they come alive only when they have entered a living cell which means that they survive in a "non living" state when they are not in a living cell and there is little information as to what they do and how they transmit when they are in this "non living" state outside living cells.


    In the meantime the making of statements that appear illogical or false on the basis of what we see happening would best be stopped immediately unless the whole medical and microbiological edifice of knowledge is to look incredible.


    The "fruitbat reservoir" claimed for EBOLA is also open to question and is beginning to look incredible. Animals other than Homo sapiens that DO NOT eat fruit bats appear to have been infected and died in large numbers.


    Given the large number of viruses that have been observed, the very little information available as to their origins and the dynamics of their emergence and spread and hardly any insight into the role that they play in the evolutionary processes of the planet there is room for the hypothesis that they are an expression generated by life itself. In the light of such a hypothesis our responses to viral outbreaks may be evaluated in relation to pantheistic responses that have prevails.


    Serious objective study and analysis on viruses is URGENTLY required in the context of the spread of EBOLA.