Statistics about Forklift Truck Accidents in the UK

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    Forklifts are a specific type of industrial truck that can be generally used to move a wide variety of goods and materials from one place to another place. While these products and apparatuses are fairly useful and can offer various purposes in more or less any type of industrial site, they can be very risky and hazardous. Forklift trucks are involved in a vast majority of the most commonly happening workplace accidents in the UK every year.


    It is a fact that over 10 thousand warehouse and factory workers sustain serious types of personal injuries from forklift truck accidents in the United Kingdom and across the country. Approximately one hundred factory and warehouse workers are badly killed due to forklift truck accidents in the UK. The most deadly one type of forklift truck accident ensuing in casualty and sudden death is from forklifts toppling. These types of tragic and heartbreaking accidents make up almost 26% of all serious injuries resulting from forklift truck mishaps across the country, and more or less 25% of all forklift causalities.

    One of the most decisive factors in causing the factory and warehouse workers serious injuries is overloading the forklift truck with a wide variety of materials and other goods that is to be moved from one destination to another destination. Due to falling materials from forklift trucks, some serious injuries could happen to factory workers as well as forklift truck drivers.

    Then such types of horrible workplace accidents can occur to employees due to several other factors, including operational, behavioural, mechanical and organisational. Have a look at these important statistics below:


    • Approximately 18% of historic forklift truck accidents are from factory, mill and warehouse workers and meanwhile other witnesses being involved in forklifts
    • Almost 14% of forklift truck mishaps and tragedies occur when they are used to lift workers
    • Then 7% of such accidents rise from being wrongly driven off of loading ports or in a workplace that is risky and dangerous for industrial use
    • In addition, 7% of these accidents stem from inefficient maintenance of the industrial machinery
    • Around about 3% of forklift truck disasters take place for the reason that the worker loses his control and inefficient use of the industrial machinery

    Who Can Help You in Case of Forklift Truck Accidents?

    Unfortunately if any factory and warehouse personnel meet forklift accident at work, then good news for all workers is that they can pursue a forklift truck accident compensation claims process. In order to make a successful claim, the only advice for you is that you should never ignore the advice, tips and suggestions of your forklift truck accident claims solicitors.

    I do believe that accident injury claims solicitors would be willing to fight for your personal injury cases in the most professional, upright and successful manner. With a competent and loyal forklift accident claims attorney, you can easily win your claim what really you wished.