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    This document was produced through the collaboration of participants on this colab. The motivation for this collaboration was the possibility of the current Ebola Viral Initiative generating a Global Mega Disaster.


    How ever there are longer term initiatives that are urgently required such as the need to render the following species support and survival systems and their supply chains resilient and sustainable:



    1.Power Generation Systems

    2.Communication Systems,
    3.Food & Agricultural Systems
    4.Waste Recycling Systems
    5.Manufacturing and Transport systems,
    6.Social Support Systems,
    7.Training, Education and Research Systems,
    8.Health Systems,
    9.Surgical and Medical Systems
    10.Planetary Guidance Systems.


    This task will also benefit from global collaboration.


    The question of the support of the work of those who engage these tasks hangs in the air and until such time as answers to this question are found the harvesting of their intellectual properties will be in bad taste. The resolution of this problem is urgently required if global collaboration is to be facilitated and this is especially so since human resources locked into the organizational structures of the hierarchical pyramid - such as government workers and employees of regional and multi lateral institutions and almost all organizational structures that prevail - do not have the capacities to address such issues with the degree of flexibility and speed required because of the way the hierarchical pyramid constrains their functional capacities and creativity.


    Those who have learned the skills of networking and collaboration and who are familiar with their dynamics have to find ways to resolve this problem of their own support and resourcing. This may be the first step towards planetary guidance that will function at a different level to prevailing hierarchical governance structures.