How to Use this Kit

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    The Corporate Governance Board Leadership Training Resources Kit serves the growing need for curriculum content and teaching methodologies to enhance corporate governance training provided by:

    • Institutes of directors
    • Corporate governance associations
    • Professional bodies
    • Universities and other educational institutions

    The Global Corporate Governance Forum created this Resources Kit to strengthen the expertise and skills of corporate governance trainers. Through the training they provide, new and experienced directors can better understand their roles and the value of adopting corporate governance best practices.

    Unique to this Resources Kit is its integration of interactive learning strategies that enrich a training session for adult learners. In each training module, there are activities that provoke discussion and debate. A case study traces the evolution of a hypothetical founder/family-owned company as it considers corporate governance reforms as part of its evolution towards becoming a public company.

    Developed by experienced professionals in corporate governance, adult education, and corporate communications, this program's resources:

    • Engage adult learners through interactive exercises that draw on the diverse, relevant experiences of training session participants
    • Provide maximum flexibility through a modular curriculum, so that an institution can tailor programs to suit the needs of the directors it serves
    • Minimize institutes' investment of their time and resources for curriculum development by providing a comprehensive, standardized curriculum that includes PowerPoint presentations and case studies to enhance the learning experience
    • Advance corporate governance reforms by instilling in participants leadership values that can help them in working within their companies or organizations to adopt best practices
    • Foster long-term relationships with those most likely responsible for implementing corporate governance best practices within the companies and organizations in which they work
    • Enhance the training institution's brand and authority in the policymaking process to develop national corporate governance codes
    • Encourage participants to be “change agents” of corporate governance by developing the knowledge and skills to build support within their boards for implementing best practices