OBA CoP Norms, Etiquette and Policies

    An active OBA/RBF community member participates by


    • Presenting new and relevant information to the community to promote knowledge sharing
    • Sharing his or her expert knowledge and analysis
    • Presenting stimulating problems for consideration
    • Identifying relevant information outside of the community
    • Bolstering community membership by spreading the word about OBA CoP's mission and objectives
    • Updating and replenishing community information
    • Developing rules governing community interaction and assets
    • Keeping personal contact information updated (inactive accounts without current contact information may be administratively deleted)
    • Alerting the community manager to inaccurate or out-of-date information


    and displays good community etiquette by


    • Appreciating diversity of thought and perspective
    • Forgiving people’s mistakes and only pointing them out by private email rather than in public
    • Not promoting personal agendas or marketing commercial items
    • Not abusing email privileges; where permission to send bulk email to a community exists, it should be used sparingly