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    The UgaBrain Film City is a brainchild of Jackson Ndawula, a film and theatre veteran who hatched the idea when he visited Universal Studios in Hollywood, USA. The proposed location is Ngongolo village, Entebbe, Wakiso district, Uganda.  Jackson is the Executive Director of UgaBrain Film Centre Ltd that is based in Uganda with years of experience in film production and film education. The problem is the High and rising youth unemployment coupled with the prevalence of dormant and underutilised assets especially the natural/ green capital.


    UgaBrain thus represents the idea of a metropolis to host the supportive ecosystem for filmmaking.  Five investment blocks have been identified as follows:

    Administration block: to create a support system for management of cost centres; Film Academy: to develop relevant human capital; Vernacular Architecture: to create a cultural experience from hospitality; the Aquatica (waterfront): to leverage marine resources; and the Arboretum (eco-park): to harness the botanical heritage of Uganda.

    The UgaBrain Film City is a Special Economic Zone (SEZ) that is the brainchild of Jackson Ndawula, a film and theatre veteran who chairs the UgaBrain Film Centre. The idea was hatched when he visited Universal Film Studios in Hollywood, USA.Over many years of travel across the different continents in his varied capacities eg, as President of the International Children’s Theatre and Chair of Uganda-Korea Cultural Friendship Association.


    The whole concept is build around the philosophy of Social Entrepreneurship and what the World Bank calls shared prosperity. “Poverty anywhere is a threat to prosperity everywhere”, a Director General of ILO once said. The design team has laboured to integrate the best of both worlds: public and private in the form of Public-Private-People Partnerships amongst the Government of Uganda, the business community and the citizens of Africa. The great opportunity that Uganda has is of having one of our own, Hon. Sam Kuteesa, as the Presidemnt of the United Nations General Assembly; that sets an inspiringly high bar for Ugandan innovations.