Sexual Minorities and Development: A Short Film

Visibility: Open to anyone


    Discrimination against individuals based on their sexual orientation, gender identity, and expression (SOGIE) will always be a human rights concern. In addition to this rights-based approach, there’s also an economic component that is often overlooked. Research now shows that discrimination against sexual minorities—including but not limited to LGBT individuals—contributes to a cycle of poverty and can limit their ability to benefit from the means of economic development. Further, one’s opportunities in life, from education to employment to healthcare to justice to a life free of violence, are often limited by this discrimination.


    This film interviews LGBTI leaders from around the world to discuss the impact of punitive laws and social stigma, while also respecting the resilience of these communities to advance real change. The film ends with appropriate entry points for the World Bank to examine SOGIE within the development agenda; namely data collection and support for capacity building.


    We thank our partners on this film: Labrys (Kyrgyzstan), India HIV/AIDS Alliance, Mitr Trust (India), Quality of Citizenship Jamaica, The Color Pink Group (Jamaica), JFLAG (Jamaica), and Helem (Lebanon).


    Produced and Directed by: Phil Crehan and Jake Fagan with oversight by Fabrice Houdart. Full movie website will be available shortly.