Funding Request for a Knowledge Exchange or Training

    This document is a guide for all BEES Members to submit a request fora Knowledge Exchange or Training.



    We have some funds from Government of Australia to support our network, so we are opening up a call for proposals for action research, case studies, and knowledge exchanges. We have a total pot of about US$100,000, so we would like to keep the proposals relatively small --- please not higher than US$20,000. The proposals should focus on our core theme of womens economic empowerment in the priority areas that our members identified --- entrepreneurship development, agriculture, handicrafts/artisan goods, and conflict/women in conflict/post-conflict settings.



    If you have an idea, but want some help developing it, send it in, and we can brainstorm together and create a proposal.



    Please have your proposals ready for the Kathmandu workshop. We can have a brief discussion at the meeting and vote on the final winners through this site by May 15th. The proposals should be relatively short-term activities, so they can be completed by December 31, 2015.



    **Please note: only current BEES Network Members are eligible to apply for funding- current members have already been identified and know who they are. For any questions, please email Melissa Williams, Gitanjali Chaturvedi, or Jamie Greenawalt.