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    ..No one told me what happened to the 5,000,000 Pakistani earthquake victims who needed the 1,000,000 all weather five person tents in 2005...They simply "faded from the news" once winter arrived. They were probably ABANDONED TO DIE OF EXPOSURE...

    If the earthquake affected people in Nepal and all those who may be affected by earthquakes in the future are to be prevented from a similar fate then a strong campaign will have to be launched to ensure that the UNO does what I have asked the secretary general to do.

    I have been told that the UNO has 41426 employees who are arrogant, think that they know everything that there is to know and that they can do a minimum work for the EXTREMELY HIGH salaries that they are paid.

    If this is to change we have to change it. Those who are willing to work on this "FIVE MILLION ALL WEATHER TENTS FOR DISASTER VICTIMS" Please stand up and be counted. You can mail your willingness to help to mentor.srilanka@gmail.com. Please indicate whether you have a facebook page.