2014 Partners Meeting


    The FY14 World Bank Institute (WBI) Partners Meeting was hosted by the Austrian Ministry of Finance on Tuesday, June 10th, in Vienna at the World Bank Group’s Vienna Office.

    The objective of the meeting was to bring together WBI’s key development partners for a strategic discussion on: 

    • WBI FY14 Results Report achieved with support from the Multi-Donor Facility for Capacity Development;
    • World Bank Group’s Change Process and WBI’s transition to Leadership, Learning, and Innovation (LLI);
    • FY15 priorities and future opportunities for collaboration.

    Representatives from the following partners participated in the meeting: Austria, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, and the United Kingdom.

    The FY14 Results and Future Priorities Report is now available to view here.

    Meeting at World Bank Group Vienna Office

    9:00-9:30 – Registration & Coffee

    9:30-9:45 – Welcoming Remarks by Austria & World Bank Group (WBG)
    • Sanjay Pradhan, Vice-President for Leadership, Learning & Innovation, World Bank Group
    • Ellen Goldstein, Country Director, South East Europe, World Bank Group
    • Harald Waiglein, Director General for Economic Policy and Financial Markets, Federal Ministry of Finance, Austria

    9:45-10:15 – WBI FY14 Results
    This session highlighted key results achieved in FY14, including with the support of the MFCD, as well as how results are being measured and captured.
    Presentation by Susan Shen, Manager of Operations, WBI
    • Open discussion

    10:15-11:00 – Update on the World Bank Group’s Change Process
    This session provided an update on the WBG’s change process since the WBI Partners Update Meeting on April 12th, including WBI’s transition to Leadership, Learning & Innovation (LLI). 
    Sanjay Pradhan, Vice-President for Leadership, Learning & Innovation, World Bank Group

    11:00-11:15 – Coffee Break

    11:15-12:30 – FY15 priorities and engagement with Global Practices and Cross-Cutting Solutions Areas
    This session highlighted future priorities for Leadership, Learning & Innovation (LLI) going forward, including in FY15, along with the engagement process with the newly established GPs and CCSAs, as well as with the Regions and Country Management Units.
    Presentation by Rob Floyd, Director of Operations, WBI
    • Open discussion

    12:30-14:00 – Lunch at Restaurant Nestroy

    14:00-16:15 – World Café on Leadership, Learning & Innovation
    The World Café session was an interactive exchange of ideas around opportunities for collaboration in the areas of leadership, learning and innovation. For this session, we set-up three separate discussion groups – one on each of the areas. For each of the groups, the WBI Director responsible for that area invited partners to share their views on the priorities outlined by WBI and the work that their agencies are doing in that area. In addition to the WBI Director, a WBI staff member helped facilitate each group and capture key issues discussed on a flip chart. 30 minutes was allocated for each discussion group and then partners moved to another one of the three groups. In total there were three rounds, so that partners had the opportunity to share their views and the work of their agencies in each of the four areas. At the conclusion of these three rounds, the WBI Directors provided a synthesis of key takeaways from the discussions.

    14:00–14:15 – Setting the stage for the World Café 
    • WBI Directors briefly outlined the priorities for their respective area

    14:15-15:15 – World Café: Rounds 1 & 2

    15:15-15:30 – Coffee Break

    15:30-16:00 – World Café: Round 3

    16:00-16:10 – Brief Break to Prepare / Set-Up for Reporting Back Session

    16:10-17:20 – Reporting back from the World Café and discussion on how to integrate Leadership, Learning and Innovation
    • Key takeaways presented by WBI Directors

    17:20-17:30 – Next steps and closing remarks by WBI and Austria
    • Sanjay Pradhan, Vice-President for Leadership, Learning & Innovation, World Bank Group
    • Elisabeth Gruber, International Financial Institutions, Federal Ministry of Finance, Austria

    1. 19.00-22.00 – Closing Dinner