Community Development:

    When you identify the concepts of popular participation and community development, we find a significant convergence of tools and elements and the goals and objectives of each, it is the most important goals of popular participation development of local communities through the most important development and planning elements, namely the closest human element and friction so the community and Alomutir on the development of belonging to him through Know for its components and its needs, and this is what made us care about this topic and its importance to the study of popular participation in local councils.

    It has given governments a lot of great importance to the development of local communities, Kahtmamha national development because of their interdependence and integration, and the belief that the local community as a way to improve the conditions of communities, development and advancement. Many international organizations have paid attention to the development of society and surrounded care and attention, and examples of these organizations: UNESCO, UNICEF, the International Labour Organization. One manifestation of this international interest in the local community and development, numerous conferences held by the United Nations body and seminars in an attempt to determine the dimensions of this method and objectives.