Municipalities system (in the Jordan area) of beginnings:

    This system, which is that the municipality is a body corporate civil institution and autonomous moral act it out of local councils made up of direct elections and appointment together and be under the supervision of administrative governors and the Interior Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs, with the exception of Oman as it is called the Capital Secretariat and are manufactured by the prime minister.

    After the issuance of municipal law No. (29) for the year 1955 it became subject to him and municipalities which are all administrative matters associated with these municipalities in the area of composition organization and cancellation In the Article (5) of the Act sets out there how to create a text or make a municipal or canceled.

    Where I consider this law municipal financially independent civil institution and be subject to the Interior Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs, in terms of administrative, financial and regulatory oversight, and the secretariat of the capital shall be managed by the Board of half of its members elected and the other half given a decision of the Council of Ministers.

    Some argue that the adjective municipality as a "civil" Foundation challenging the basis of administrative decentralization, which stipulates that local units administrative units governmental, not likening approaching own, on the other hand, has the law came to mention the financial independence did not mention the administrative independence which is a very important element of elements of decentralization.

    After the establishment of the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs in 1965, it has become the Interior Ministry means the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs and the purpose of the establishment of this ministry is to stimulate the municipal development and to provide support and technical assistance in order to play its role in order to access to the best in the field of local services development and to the departure of the Ministry of Interior to wide functions do not help them to this role required of municipal and rural councils.

    The number of municipalities in Jordan until the year 1973 (129) municipal council while the number in 1970 (70) municipal council, and each municipality is different from the other in terms of area and population.