Food Acceleration Growth and Water Generation

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    The two most important concerns around the world today:


    FOOD and WATER.



    The technology approach is twofold:



    A freshwater production system that makes cold clean water
    from the atmosphere moisture by utilizing free existing waste heat
    exhaust from diesel electric generation coupled with adsorption chillers is
    applied to an agriculture system that can control and accelerate the growth of
    plants by simulating the 1st of spring soil environment. This part of the
    system is called Thermal Energy Agriculture (TEA)™ which is based on using
    thermal energy to create a 10-15 degree temperature differential between the
    root and leaf zone in plants. The technology process has the ability to turn on
    and off plant growth and dormancy in perennial crops, thus allowing for
    multiple crops per year and stagger production in comparison to traditionally
    grown crops.  TEA system requires no
    access to freshwater resources, reduces demand on existing freshwater resources
    and evaporation loss. 



    The  system is designed to  operate in remote arid locations and regions that are threatened by
    environmental change.  Our scalable systems can be equipped with 24/7 Diesel Generators (if not already on site),
    Air cooled Chiller Units and modular growing units that can be shipped in standard overseas shipping containers. The systems can be easily started,
    maintained and  are a secure method to sustainable food production which differs from common hydroponic systems in
    that it uses soil based medium to grow plants and generates its own water.  Our systems can be organically
    certified and can grow temperate plants in tropical environments.  “Proof of Concept” has been tested on over
    100 plant species using cold deep seawater at the Natural Energy Laboratory of Hawaii authority (NELHA) since the early 1990’s.

    The WES’s and DPS’s strategic partnership exists to further the technology by substituting the cold seawater
    chilling system with WES’s generated chilled freshwater closed loop system which will open endless opportunities to increase

    secure clean freshwater and ood production.

    Some of the advantages

    1. Requires NO access to freshwater
    2. Can utilize FREE exhaust energy from common diesel generator systems
    3. Can grow agriculture crops with NO loss of water from evaporation
    4. Can grow crops like hydroponic systems but plants are grown in soil which allows
      for organic certification.
    5. The plants utilize ALL the fertilizer provided with NO loss to leaching or runoff
      in comparison to traditional agriculture
    6. Can grow plants at controlled rates, either at accelerated or suppressed to improve
      crop quality.
    7. Can stimulate flowering for horticulture plants (i.e., cut flowers)
    8. Modular design can be shipped in overseas cargo containers for rapid deployment
    9. Can grow plants that hydro-ponics, aero-ponics, ebb flow and thin film systems
    10. Systems help reduce heat stress disease since system has cool roots
    11. Temperate cool season crops can be grown in tropical climates
    12. Extra freshwater generated can be used for final growth phase and crop processing
    13. Can be scaled to match energy source