Tribal dimension in Jordan:

    Tribal dimension in Jordan:

    May clearly evident that the tribal dimension was influential in the process of determining the number of municipal councils in each province, in addition to the personal estimates of administrative governors and officials of the Ministry of Municipal Affairs, which had a negative impact on popular participation implications, the ratio recorded a decline in the number of registered citizens in the elections Municipal 2003, compared with the number in the elections that preceded it in 1999.

    Table (1)

    Decline in the number of registered municipal elections, 2003 registered in the 1999 municipal elections in the governorates of the Kingdom

    Sequential maintain the percentage change in the registered numbers

    1. Irbid -20%

    2. Balqa -16%

    3. Madaba -56%

    4. Mafraq -13%

    5. Jerash -12%

    6. Ajloun -19%

    7. Blue -39%

    8. Karak -24%

    9. Tafila -36%

    10. gloss -37%

            Source: Journal Constitution 12/11/2003 Jordan, where no information is available on the level of the Kingdom for elective courses for municipalities 1999.2003 with the Ministry of Interior.

    A table (1) all municipalities in the provinces of the Kingdom, excluding the capital province and the province of Aqaba where turned into Aqaba Special Economic Zone, and indicate the table information that Madaba experienced the largest percentage decline in the number of registered municipal elections where the ratio (56%) came Zarqa later rate of decline (39%), then the Governorate of Ma'an that fell (37%), and this confirms that popular participation size in the case of a significant decline which requires the project to reconsider the public dimension of the merger (Abu Hammour 0.2005, p. 55).

    This decline may be due in registered municipal elections numbers for several reasons such as the lack of relative importance of the election results with a lot of citizens, in addition to Ngaraldoair electoral distribution of some people of the same clan to More details precinct, or for more than a municipal council, and the transfer of the families of my last Council and that the large size of the new municipalities, has been the interim law No. (70) for the year 2002, and to appoint the heads of local councils, in line with the integration of municipal councils stage, where they were actually applied in the 2003 elections