Discuss the results relating to the performance of local councils in the governorate of Irbid(jordan) level:

    The results showed (the study and research masters / Ahmed Abandah, 2009) that the performance of local councils in the governorate of Irbid weak level.

    The highlight of the paragraphs of the performance of local councils level paragraph which states: "The level of validity and lighting of internal roads and sub-acceptable", and moderately, then the paragraph that states that "the level of cleanliness of the area inhabited by good," and moderately.

    The lowest averages for the level of performance of local councils was the paragraph which states that "the municipal council is keen on activating the role of its staff to improve services and ensure fairness in the distribution," and weak degree.

    And therefore it notes that local councils focus on the external appearance of essential services such as lighting, cleanliness and other so as to ease drew attention to the improvement and rapid remarkable services at the lowest cost without searching for services you need for planning and management, due to the financial situation of the humble among some municipal councils and deteriorating in others. The phenomenon of the administrative slack in most municipal councils and the incompetence of their employees leads to lack of productivity and development services optimally.

    These findings are consistent with what indicated by the study (Galoda 0.1999) recommended merging the municipalities, and the development of legislation, human Tnumeihmoard working in the administrative organs in the municipalities, in order to activate the functionality and raising the level of staff efficiency to increase the level of popular participation.

    Researcher finds the need to raise the level of performance of the members of local councils by holding courses for the staff, and the development of various administrative capacity and the work of surveys of social advancement of the level of service provided to citizens, and touch the defect sites in the performance of follow-through and control cyclical and this is what recommended by the study (Awamleh and Hunaiti, 1995) and it recommended the need to improve the financial capacity of municipalities by doing productive projects, and the efficiency of the collection of dues from taxpayers, and updating legislation, the restructuring of the municipal councils, and the need to assemble small towns.