(World Bank for Reconstruction and Development) and the International Development Association:

    World Bank staff  Composed of some 12,335 full-time staff members of 172 nationalities who work across 134

    countries, the World Bank’s workforce is a global one in every sense of the word. The richness of the

    backgrounds and experience of Bank staff continues to be a hallmark of the products and services

    that clients seek.

    The World Bank has a significant global footprint, with 40 percent of staff now working outside the

    United States. And 85 percent of the staff in country offices are locally hired, underscoring efforts to recruit

    local talent, whose skills help the Bank better understand, work more closely with, and provide faster service

    to partners in client countries.

    In terms of diversity, nationals of developing countries account for 61 percent of all staff and 41

    percent of management positions. Women currently account for 51 percent of all staff and 38 percent of

    management positions, and Sub-Saharan African and Caribbean nationals represent 15 percent of all staff

    and 12 percent of management positions.

    Human Resources staff support the Bank in employing the right people in the right place with the right

    skills at the right time. To deliver on that commitment, the Human Resources Strategy has four areas

    of focus:

    • Building a culture of performance and accountability

    • Developing inspiring leaders

    • Shaping a diverse and inclusive workforce

    • Creating career opportunities for staff.

    Addressing the final point, the past year has seen significant progress in the areas of career mobility

    and performance management, as well as in the area of compensation—all efforts that seek to strengthen

    the employment value proposition for Bank staff.

    As the Bank retools to increase its delivery and responsiveness to its clients, Human Resources has

    played a pivotal role in the transition of staff from the earlier structure to the new Global Practices. Looking

    forward, aligning staffing and skills to the World Bank Group Strategy will be a priority.