Credit rating agencies:

    It found fame and credit rating agencies over the past years through a series of events began failing to risks related to bonds, mortgages and bonds structured and that led to the emergence of the global financial crisis at the end of 2008 and exposed to widespread criticism following an estimation, and it might have been the results so that these agencies have become take tougher positions than ever before in the latest of which was the risk reduction of the United States of America's credit rating by Standard & Poor's on Friday before the estimate.


    The credit rating agencies in general risks related to religion, both versions of the assessment of companies or governments. The source's ability to meet debt payment of benefits and premiums resulting from the most important indicator of creditworthiness upon which to build classifications by these agencies.


    There are many credit rating agencies around the world but there are exactly three companies called the Big Three a "Standard & Poor's" and "Moody's" and "Fitch", all American companies of origin