The importance of the Commission's credit rating:

    The importance of getting the highest credit rating in the interest that must be paid on the debt level source, the more credit rating rose whenever the level of interest has fallen, and whenever the credit rating dropped the greater the interest that requires paid by the issuer price.


    Is also important to obtain the credit rating the highest in the number of investors who want to buy the version of a particular religion, and given that many financial institutions and investment funds do not invest only in debt instruments creditworthy high so the lower the rating for a particular version necessarily decrease demand for them and the difficulty of means covered, due to the reluctance of these funds and financial institutions for the purchase.


    Before the seventies of the last century, the investors (buyers of bonds) are those who pay the money to rating agencies in return for reports on the classifications, however, the spread of copying machines in the seventies led to lower returns of these agencies, so that a single report is purchased can copy it a hundred times and distributed to Instead of wanting to buy a special report for anyone interested, and led to the rating agencies to change their work pattern so that you get the reward of bond issuers themselves and not from investors as was the case previously.