Interactive Agenda

    Monday June 15, 2015 Morning SessionsMonday June 15, 2015 Afternoon SessionsEvening

    08:00-08:30 Final Registration


    08:30-09:00 Opening Remarks


    09:00-09:15 MetroLab City Introductions


    09:15-09:50 Keynotes


    09:50-09:55 Group Photo


    09:55-10:10 Coffee Break


    10:10-11:30 <Policy Session #1> Metropolitan Planning, Shared Prosperity, Poverty Reduction in the context of Climate Change adaptation (subtheme: Constraints and Uncertainties)


    Framework Presentation: Anne Odic, Head of Local authorities and Urban Development practice at the AFD


    10:15-11:30 Metropolitan Presentations


    Comment: Ellen Hamilton, Acting Urban Practice Manager for Global Programs, World Bank


    Question and Answer


    11:30-12:15 Small Group Discussion


    12:15-12:30 Small Group Report


    12:30-13:30 Lunch Provided

    14:00-18:00 <Service Delivery #1> Metropolitan Transport and Land Use in the Context of Climate Change Adaptation to Ensure Sustainable Communities (subtheme: Innovations)


    Framework Presentation: Mireille Ferri International Grand Paris Workshop CEO


    14:10-15:40 Metropolitan Presentations


    Question and Answer


    15:40-16:00 Coffee Break


    16:00-18:00 Metropolitan Presentations (cont.)


    Comment: Sameh Wahba, Urban Practice Manager for Africa, World Bank

    Question and Answer


    Small Group Discussion


    Explanation of Field Visits Selection by Florence Castel, CEO, ADVANCITY Paris Region

    18:30-20:00 Climate Change and Smart Cities (presentation of the Paris Region clusters involved in smart cities projects).


    20:30 Dinner in presence of Axelle Lemaire, French Deputy Minister for Digital Affairs, and Jean-Paul Huchon, Ile-‐de-‐France Council President (expected), hosted by ADVANCITY at the French National Federation of Public Works (near the Champs Elysées, Metro Line 1: George V Station).   


    23:00 Bus departure to 3, rue de Berri to the Hyatt.

    Tuesday June 16, 2015 Morning SessionsTuesday June 16, 2015 Afternoon SessionsEvening

    09:00-09:10 Welcoming Remarks


    09:10-11:30 <Urban Systems #1> Metropolitan Planning, Shared Prosperity, and Poverty Reduction in the context of Climate Change Mitigation (subtheme: the role of communities)


    Framework Presentation: Victor Vergara, Lead Urban Specialist, World Bank


    09:20-10:15 Metropolitan Presentations


    Question and Answer


    10:15-10:40 Coffee Break


    10:40-11:30 Metropolitan Presentations (cont.)


    Comment: Barjor Mehta, Global Lead on Urban Governance and Finance, World Bank


    Question and Answer


    11:40-12:15  Small Group Discussion


    12:15-12:30  Small Group Report


    12:30-14:00 Lunch Provided

    14:00-15:10 <Urban Systems #2> Inter-Jurisdictional Coordination


    Framework Presentation: Valérie Mancret-Taylor, CEO of The Paris Region Urban planning Agency


    14:10-15:10 Metropolitan Presentations


    Comment: Thalyta Yowono, Urban Economist, Jakarta Indonesia World Bank


    Question and Answer


    15:10-15:30 Coffee Break


    15:30-17:15 <Policy Session #3>


    Framework Presentation French Expert: Nathalie Martin-Sorvillo, CEO at the Think Tank “Fabrique de la Cité”


    15:40-17:15 Metropolitan Presentations (Urban Think-Tanks and Universities)


    Comment: Vasudha Sarda, Urban Specialist, New Dehli, India. World Bank


    Question and Answer Small Group Discussion

    20:00-23:00 Dinner cocktail on a “Bateau Mouche” near the Eiffel Tower offered by ADVANCITY

    (Port Suffren, RER C, Champs de Mars Station or metro Line 6, Bir Hakeim Station). Bus departure at 22:45, 3, rue de Berri to the Hyatt.

    Wednesday June 17, 2015 Site Visit 1Wednesday June 17, 2015 Site Visit 2Joint Site Visit

    Marne-la-Vallée: Management Tools for Cities


    Themes: Cities performance monitoring, City Management tools; Rain analysis, Energy efficient buildings.


    Presentation: Françoise Preteux, Director of the Research Ecole des Ponts ParisTech and Hélène Jacquot-Guimbal, CEO, IFSTTAR


    1. “Sense-‐city”: miniature city” that creates a realistic environment for testing micro and nano sensors for instrumenting and managing cities (Facility inaugurated in April 2015).


    2. Presentation of RAINGAIN project - visit and first results of rain analysis and forecast.


    3. Visit the innovative and sustainable building Coriolis.


    4. Mopeasy: car sharing, car pooling solutions.

    The Role of the Seine River in the Metropolis

    Themes: Sustainable logistics, construction materials, energy efficiency.

    Presentation: Marion Alfaro, Paris-‐Seine Agency Director, HAROPA ports Paris Seine Normandie


    1. Several sites along the Seine River (barge): smart urban logistics, mass distribution of goods, and construction materials transport.

    15:00  Vitry


    Theme: Transportation & Urban Planning “The Very First Exhibition on the Future Grand Paris Express Metro” (“MAC VAL Museum at Vitry”).

    Thursday June 18, 2016 Morning SessionsThursday June 18, 2015 Afternoon SessionsEvening

    08:30-08:40 Welcoming Remarks


    08:40-09:15 Stocktaking from Field Visits


    09:15-11:30 <Service Delivery #2> Innovation in Metropolitan Service: Provision Water, Flood Management, Air quality Management, and Solid Waste Management: Ensuring Efficiency, Equity and Sustainability.

    Framework Presentation: Frédéric Bourquin, Director of COSYS at IFSTTAR


    09:25-10:30 Metropolitan Presentations


    Question and Answer


    10:30-10:45 Coffee Break


    10:45-11:30 Metropolitan Presentations (cont.)


    Comment: Paul Kriss Global Lead on Urban Services, World Bank


    Question and Answer


    11:30-12:10 Small Group Discussion


    12:10-12:30 Small Group Report


    12:30-13:30 Lunch Provided

    13:30-14:30 Paris MetroLab: Conclusions and Next Steps


    Metropolitan Planning, Shared Prosperity, and Poverty reduction in the context of:


    14:30-15:30 Paris MetroLab Retrospective - Lessons, Results, and Road to Rio


    15:30-16:15 Closing Remarks and Farewell

    • Ede Jorge Ijjasz-Vasquez, Senior Director, Social, Urban, Rural and Resilience Global Practice, World Bank
    • Paris Region (Claire Monod, Paris Region Regional Councilor) & ADVANCITY (Jean‐Louis Marchand)
    16:15-18:00 Celebratory Toast and Culinary Tour of MetroLab Cities offered by the World Bank.