Set Up Your Profile

    Setting up your profile is the first step to participating in the community.

    Your user profile provides community members an easy way to learn about your experience, skills, and interests. Your profile shows up in search results when community members search for keywords contained in your profile. You can update your information at any time. To set up your profile:

    1. Click your name in the upper right corner.
    2. In the Actions list on your profile page, click Edit profile & privacy.
    3. Fill in as much profile information as you like. Required fields are starred (*). Note that your profile will be found when people search, so if you have professional roles or interests that would be useful for others to know, be sure to include them. You may not be able to edit certain fields, such as username. Usually the community manager sets up these fields for you.
    4. Click Save. Also available from the Actions list are a few other setup options. You can:
      • Change your photo and avatar. Your photo is a great way for people to "meet" and recognize you in person. Your avatar lets community members quickly associate your comments and status updates with a simple visual cue.
      • Edit your privacy settings. These control how different types of users see your profile.