Mobile (text only)

    Mobile makes it easy to stay connected to your community when you're away from your computer.

    Mobile enables you to access your community from a mobile device. From your mobile, you can:


    • Scroll through your Followed, All Activity, and Communications streams.

    • View, comment on, and like content.

    • Create a discussion or status update by tapping the Create button.

    • Follow people, view their contact information and recent activity, and send them an email or call

    them right from your device, by tapping their avatar and exploring their user profile.

    • Search for users, content, and places by tapping the Search button.

    Note:  Jive Mobile uses the Internet to connect to your community; therefore, your mobile experience

    can be influenced by the reliability of the mobile device's network connectivity, which varies depending on

    many environmental factors.


    You need to register your mobile device(s) under your user Preferences from your primary computer

    before logging into your community from your mobile device.


    Registering Your Mobile Device and Logging In


    click on your name in the upper right corner and go to Preferences --> Mobile. Enter a name for your mobile, i.e., Joey's Phone, (alternatively,

    you can point your mobile at the QR code on the screen if you have QR recognition software) and then click Get Activation Code. You'll then be

    prompted to point your mobile's built-in browser to an activation URL. From there, enter the activation code and follow the prompts to complete your mobile's

    registration. Then, from your mobile's built-in browser, enter the URL of your community. You can register more than one mobile device.