Your What Matters: Actions page alerts you to things you may need to take action

    on. These include notications, assigned tasks, and prompts to perform actions

    like approving group membership or document revisions. You can alter these to

    show only the items that interest you or that you still need to take action on, and

    hide the items that you don’t need to see.


    Tips for getting the most out of your Actions page:


    1. A number appears on your Actions in the top menu bar alerting you to the number of unread items

    awaiting you.


    2. Three main tabs across the top of your Actions page contain Action Alerts, Notifications, and Tasks. A

    fourth tab appears when you have content that needs to be moderated. A number appears on each tab to

    alert you to the number of actions you need to take. Click the tab to view the actions.


    3. Click a link in the Action to learn more about that action.


    4. Click a button to the right of the Action to complete the action and remove it from your Actions page. The

    buttons will vary depending on the action you need to take.


    5. Send Direct Messages from your Actions page by clicking the Send Direct Message button in the upper