Create a New Document

    Jive is a powerful tool for creating and uploading documents, collaborating on them with others, and managing versions.

    You can create documents in Jive or upload documents from outside of Jive, such as Microsoft Office documents or Adobe PDFs. Documents can be available for viewing or editing only by you, a group of people you designate, or the entire community. You can also view and manage the changes between versions of a document, including restoring a previous version so that it is the current version.

    To create a document, click Create > Document, and then select a space for the document to be associated with--this is where the document will live. The document will be visible to the all of the group members of the place where you publish it, but you can still control who can edit it. (Alternatively, you can select Your Documents if you want to limit the document's visibility to only yourself or a group of people you specify; you can make it public later). After you have added the text for your document, scroll down the page and use the Collaboration Options to set the editing and commenting permissions for the document. You can also specify that another user must approve the document before it is published. To learn more about this, see Document Approval below.

    Managing Versions

    When a document has been edited and published multiple times, you can view and manage the differences between versions and delete specific versions, or restore a previous version so that it is the current version. To manage a document's versions, navigate to the document and then click Manage Versions. Now you can view the changes between versions, restore a version to be the current version, or delete a version.


    You can designate an approver for any document before you publish it, or a community administrator may designate an approver for a space, so that all documents must be approved before they are published.

    Note: A space approver only approves documents. If you want to control more than documents, use the moderation feature.

    Add a Document Approver to a Single Document

    You can designate an approver for a document when you are creating it or after you have saved it, but not published it. While you're editing the document, click the Collaboration Options link. Under Users who must approve for publication, enter the name of the person you want to approve the document. You can also click Select Users to browse for the person's name.

    Note:If the containing place of your document has moderation enabled, then the approver(s) must approve the content before it will be sent to the moderator's queue.


    What happens when I submit a document for approval?

    1. When someone has been assigned a space approver role, documents created in the space are submitted for approval before they are published in the community. If moderation is also enabled for documents in the containing space, then new documents must be approved before they're sent to the moderation queue.
    2. After submitting a document for approval, the document page will display a status box showing you a list of people who must approve. (While awaiting approval, you can see the document in your Drafts by going to Content > Drafts).Approval status list
    3. If the approver rejects the document, they're prompted to include a message to go with their rejection. That message is added to the document's Author Discussion area, where comments go under the document's content. A rejected document must be resubmitted (by anyone who can edit the document) for approval before it can be published.
    4. If there are multiple approvers, all of them must approve a document before it can be published. After the last person approves the document, it is automatically published (or submitted for moderation if moderation is enabled in the containing space).